Leadership Principles


I am a young professional who is striving to make a difference in every aspect of her life ranging from spirituality, to the community and the workplace. I believe that leadership must begin in the heart and then be projected out through passion, purpose and life style. The idea of leadership means leaving a legacy in the hearts of people where it penetrates them to create a positive impact in their surroundings to cause a paradigm shift that is beneficial for the future. Destiny is not waiting for us to decide if we want to innovate or not, but rather it is pushing us to mature to that place where it becomes a necessity to do so.

I believe that leadership is the fuel that starts the engine and determines the direction traveled. It is time for the world to produce leaders that care enough about the people around them  to empower them to lead in the areas they are the strongest in and foster an environment to do so. It is time for leaders to push each other up the leaders instead of fighting for each step. It is time for leaders to lead by vision, strategic planning and implementation, evaluation and love.  Love the one resource that everyone needs and that we can all share.

Legacy is not to be just left on computer screens, mobile applications, RSS feeds, electronic publications, etc., but honestly it  is to be left with  people. To leave a legacy in people, says that your story will live on and they are the ones who will be there to tell it. We each have an opportunity to participate in the writing of our story and determine how it is told.

I am deciding now how I want my story to be told and I start today with sharing my life of leadership. Lastly, I keep in mind that collective impact is much more productive and more conducive to create change.


– The Leadership Columnist


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